His name is Choto in the US Olympic qualifying rounds

Norwich City striker Sebastian Soto competes at the Summer Olympics after being selected to the U.S. Preliminary Team of 48.

The young forward is one of the 11 perspectives selected as preparations for the games to take place in Tokyo later this year continue. The United States will begin its qualification campaign in March in the North and Central America and the Caribbean.

Eight teams will compete for two places in the final qualifiers to be held March 18-30 in Guadalajara, Mexico region.

The United States has failed to qualify for the last two Olympics in London and Rio, hoping to take part in the Games starting in July. The CONCACAF team starts on March 18 with a game against Concarica.

They will then face the Dominican Republic on March 21 and finish Group A against hosts Mexico on March 24. The first two teams in the group qualify, and the two semifinal winners qualify for the tournament.

Clubs are not required to release their players in qualifying matches, and teams of 20 players are expected to be announced on March 8th. Separate them.

The CONCACAF qualifiers will be played in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Egypt, France, Germany, Ivory Coast, Japan, New Zealand, Romania, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea and Spain.

US team of 48 players:

Dolmannen: Drake Calendar (Miami), Matt Fries (Philadelphia), Jonathan Klinsmann (Los Angeles Galaxy), GD Markinkowski (San Jose), David Ochoa (Salt Lake), Brady Scott (Austin).

Verditizers: Julian Arazo (Los Angeles Galaxy), George Bello (Atlanta), Kyle Duncan (New York Red Bulls), Marco Furban (Los Angeles), Justin Claude (Salt Lake), Chris Gloucester (PS) , Aaron Herrera (Jude). Lake), Abubaker Geeta (Columbus), Frederick Kessler (New England), Morico Bineta (Chicago), Donovan Bains (Capital), Brian Reynolds (Rome, Italy), Miles Robinson (Atlanta), James Sands (New York) Trust (Colorado), Sam Wines (Colorado)

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Middlewelders: Brendan Aaronson (Red Bull Salzburg, Austenridge), Efrin Alvarez (Los Angeles Galaxy), Cole Bassett (Colorado), Gianluca Fusio (Kansas City), Cotton Clark (New York Red Bull, New York) Dodson (Minnesota), Brooks Lennon (Atlanta), Djartzi Mihajlovitch (Chicago), Keaton Parks (New York City), Andreas Peria (Orlando), Brandon Cervania (Dallas), Danner Dillon (Jordan) (San Jose)

Forwards: Frankie Amaya (Cincinnati), Katie Cowell (San Jose), Conrad de la Fuente (Barcelona), Jeremy Ebucci (Portland), Jesus Ferreira (Dallas), Jonathan Luis (Colorado), Ulysses Lonz (Louis) Orlando), Ricardo Pepe (Dallas), Sebastian Sacheto (Poomas, Mexico), Sebastian Choto (Norwich)

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