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However, an early elimination meant a historic failure for Max Caldas’ side, the retired coach to be succeeded by Jeroen Delmy. The former international and two-time Olympic champion (from 1996 and 2000) could brush up on good old Dutch hockey picks.

Five to twelve

It was exactly from five to twelve when the Dutch men lined up at Wilhelmus. It could not have been more symbolic for the plow, that water was reaching his lips. But the Orange players also knew that one good game could turn things around.

The Caldas team, already very nervous, started strong in the first quarter. The Orange squad received five corner kicks, but none were spent on Jip Janssen and Mink van der Weerden. This asks trouble. In the first extremely dangerous attack of Oasis The ball was broken by Tom Joseph Wickham behind Permain Black (0-1).

Tom Joseph Wickham brought Australia 1-0.

Tom Joseph Wickham brought Australia 1-0.

shout, shout, shout

The Orange team were rightly excited about a move by German referee Benjamin Göttingen, who gave Mirko Brujser no advantage after being hit with a stick. The Amsterdam striker got the ball with a backhand, one of his strongest weapons, but when Breugeser wanted to play from a promising position, the referee gave a penalty. Brueger’s cry was very understandable.

After the second quarter narrowly missed any big chances, the orange came out well deserved. Mirco Pruijser got a corner kick used by the good old Mink van der Weerden. Australian goalkeeper Andy Charter was not very good, the ball entered the goal through his glove through his legs. This was only the second corner of the Orange tournament in Tokyo, a statistic that would normally be fatal in a major tournament.

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Dutchman Mink van der Weerden celebrates a 1-1 draw during his hockey quarter-final match against Australia

Dutchman Mink van der Weerden celebrates a 1-1 draw during his hockey quarter-final match against Australia

free birds

After the tie, Caldas’ team had the upper hand. where in kookaburas Nothing worked for a while, Holland pressed in and got another penalty. But the charter this time had a good look at it. After a few minutes I suddenly bumped into the other side. Wickham, once again, was completely free from the goal, and knew how to deal with the opportunity. He passed goalkeeper Bermain Black who was under the crossbar with a broken jaw: 1-2.

In the last quarter, after the Orange players bravely shouted to each other in a blue circle and the opponent played with ten, the eighth corner advanced into a tie. Having continued, the recoil was prey to Pruijser, the best man on the field. His ball was run on the line with the body by defender Lachlan Sharp. Herzberger push 2-2 from the penalty spot.

In the end, a shootout had to be involved to determine the winner. Three years ago, during the semi-finals of the World Cup in Bhubaneswar, the orange won the lottery against the Australians. But in Tokyo the curtain fell on the Netherlands, after Hertzberger, Robert Kimberman and Jonas de Geus missed out: 3-0.

Mexico City

The omens were already not in favor of the Dutch national team, the team that allowed itself to sprinkle dozens of “cubes” of silver sand due to the victory in the European Championships in Amstelveen. Australia was the top qualifier, the Orange Flop. Team Caldas, who left for Spain, equaled the worst Olympic group stage ever completed by the Orange team, specifically since 1968.

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The similarities with last year’s team were many, as it turned out 53 years later. Then Piet Bromberg also traveled to Mexico City in good spirits, even at that time the team fell through the ice. And just as under Caldas, Bromberg’s team hadn’t won a medal four years earlier either.

Jeroen Delmy

Then there were the “items” at Oi Hockey’s court. The game was played in the hottest part of the day, when the sparrows fell from the roof. the Oasis, which includes the Australian Institute of Sport in Perth, generally handles the heat better than their Dutch competitors.

What remains is the memory of a generation of hockey players who took silver at the London Games (2012) and lost in the World Cup final in Bhubaneswar (2018) after a penalty shootout against Belgium. Because it is doubtful whether many of the veterans (Billy Packer, Jeroen Hertzberger, Bermen Blake, Sander de Wijn, Mink van der Werden, Glenn Schurmann, Mirko Breugeser) will survive after Tokyo, let alone invite the new citizen to all of them. Coach Jeroen Delmy.

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