Hitler’s watch fetches over a million dollars at auction

Alexander Historic Auction

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A watch that once belonged to Adolf Hitler has sold for $1.1 million at auction in the United States. The Huber brand watch is engraved with a swastika and the initials AH. Who bought the term was not disclosed.

According to Alexander Historic Auctions, a Maryland auction house, the watch may have been a gift to Hitler for his birthday in 1933, when he became chancellor of Germany. Around the swastika on the watch case, in addition to Hitler’s date of birth, can be read the dates of Hitler’s NSDAP election victory and his appointment as chancellor.


Dress by Eva Brown

In addition to Hitler’s wristwatch, the auction includes a dress of Hitler’s wife Eva Braun, a collar of his dog and autographed photos of senior Nazi officials. The Yellow Star of David was also auctioned off.

Prior to the auction, the Alexander Historical Auction was criticized in the Jewish community. Rabbi Menachem Margoli of the European Jewish Association called for the auction to be cancelled.

“This auction, consciously or unconsciously, does two things: it encourages people to reveal what the Nazis saw as their goals, and it encourages buyers to give their guests or loved ones something that belonged to the Holocaust and his followers,” he said. Marcoli.

‘Save History’

Marcoli isn’t convinced: “It goes without saying that the lessons of history have to be learned, and the real Nazi memorabilia is in museums or research institutes. Obviously, that doesn’t apply to the stuff you’re selling now.”

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