Hockey | Everything you need to know about the World Cup in India

The World Cup started yesterday in India and will continue until Sunday, January 29. A total of sixteen countries are participating in the tournament. These countries are divided into four groups of four countries each. After the draw, the groups were established as follows.

Group A
Argentina, Australia, France, South Africa

Pool b
Belgium, Germany, Japan, South Korea

Group C
Netherlands, Chile, New Zealand, Malaysia

Pool d
England, India, Spain, Wales

Each country plays three matches in the group. The group winner qualifies directly for the quarter-finals and the numbers two and three advance to an intermediate round. Here two numbers are jeopardizing a ticket to the quarter-finals against another team’s third number.

Tokyo 2020

Tokyo 2020 | The women’s hockey team won gold

08/08/2021 at 08:34

New National Coach

The World Cup in India will be new national coach Jeroen Delmy’s first major tournament. The former international takes over from Max Galdas, who had a very disappointing Olympics with the Netherlands.

After a poor Olympic Games, Delmy decided to choose heavily. In fact, only Chev Van As is still part of the selection. There is no more room for men like Robert Kemperman, Mirco Pruijser and Mink van der Weerden.

This means that the youngest team will take over for the Netherlands. Justen Blok, Teun Beins, Tjep Hoedemakers, Koen Bijen, Terrance Pieters, Jip Janssen, Tijmen Reyenga, Floris Wortelboer, Steijn van Heijningen and Derck de Vilder made their World Cup debuts in India.


Netherlands have always been a contender for the World Cup, but due to the young selection, Netherlands are not the top pick. On paper, Australia and Belgium in particular are strong and expect a lot from Germany as well. Also, England and host India are considered outsiders.

If the match goes as expected, the Netherlands will have to face Argentina in the quarter-finals. Belgium will be the opponents in the semi-finals and then face either Germany or Australia in the final.

The semi-final against Belgium will be a repeat of the final four years ago. It then became 0-0, after which the Netherlands lost in the shoot-out. Belgium become world champions for the first time in history, while the Netherlands await their first title since 1998.

Tokyo 2020

Tokyo 2020 | The women’s hockey team won gold

08/08/2021 at 07:32

Tokyo 2020

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06/08/2021 11:40 AM

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