Hockey selections have been announced for the FIH Pro League matches against Germany – Hoofdlasse Hockey Netherlands

National coaches Alison Annan (Netherlands women’s national team) and Max Caldas (Dutch men’s national team) have appointed players and players to prepare with them for matches in the FIH Pro League on March 6-7. The two teams play against Germany at the Wagner Stadium in Amsterdam.

The Dutch women will play on Saturday 6 March and Sunday 7 March at 2 PM, while the men will play at 4:30 PM on both days. Ziggo Sport will broadcast the four matches live on Ziggo TV (Channel 13) and Ziggo Sport Docu. Duels are played without an audience. The Dutch Hockey League offers the most important developments and interviews on both days.

The choice of the Dutch women’s national team

Margot van Geffen (HC ‘s-Hertogenbosch) unavailable due to infection. Annan and her crew have chosen 22 players. Annan appoints eighteen players per match. The complete set consists of:

The nickname Forename association
Albers Phyllis Amsterdamsche H. & BC
Asim, Van den Irene HC’s-Hertogenbosch
thickness Small SCHC
luck Kira SCHC
good Eva Amsterdamsche H. & BC
Capel Els Amsterdamsche H. & BC
Ketels Marlos HC’s-Hertogenbosch
King (k) Jozen HC’s-Hertogenbosch
Colin Sani HC’s-Hertogenbosch
Lorinc Lorient SCHC
Campus from Fall SCHC
Matla Frederick HC’s-Hertogenbosch
Nounink Lura HC’s-Hertogenbosch
Pheninckx Small SV Kampung Hockey
Sanders Small HC’s-Hertogenbosch
Spend Lauren Amsterdamsche H. & BC
Peat Marin Amsterdamsche H. & BC
Vinendal (k) that Amsterdamsche H. & BC
Vershore Maria Amsterdamsche H. & BC
Deserve Khan SCHC
Worlds Ledwig HC’s-Hertogenbosch
Zerbo Ginela SCHC

The choice of the Dutch national team

National coach Max Caldas has 23 players at his disposal this weekend. Teun Beins (HC Oranje-Rood) and Sander de Wijn (SV Kampong Hockey) are not part of the select group for duels against Germany due to injury. Caldas also selects eighteen players for each game. The complete set looks like this:

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The nickname Forename association
Donkey, Van Sword HGC
Bart Sander HC red orange
early Bailey Amsterdamsche H. & BC
Hinders. Frustrate Lars SV Kampung Hockey
Black (goalkeeper) Permin HC red orange
Blog Justin HC Rotterdam
Upstairs Rowell HC Bloemendaal
Brinkman Thierry HC Bloemendaal
Hum Jurette HC Bloemendaal
The dam from Thighs HC Rotterdam
Geus, AL Jonas SV Kampung Hockey
Hertzberger Jerwin HC Rotterdam
Janssen pocket SV Kampung Hockey
Killerman Bjorn SV Kampung Hockey
Kimberman Robert SV Kampung Hockey
Mall, Gypsum HC red orange
Peter Trans SV Kampung Hockey
BRUESER Mirko Amsterdamsche H. & BC
Shurman Glenn HC Bloemendaal
Finn, Van Der (GK) Poisonous HGC
Hunter (GK) Moritz HC Bloemendaal
Weerden, van der Mink Cologne Rot-Weiss
Island farms Flores HC Bloemendaal

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