Hockey star Albers makes peace after ‘wake-up call’ at first Olympics

About three months ago, Albers received a message from national coach Alison Annan, which Albers said after the quarter-final win over New Zealand (3-0). “In a personal conversation, he made it clear to me that if my game didn’t improve, the European Championship and games would be a tough story,” Albers said. “Looking back, it’s a good awareness call for me.”

Albers decided not to give up, but instead began to work on herself to get inspiration from that announcement. And not without success. He finished the season well at his club Amsterdam and also showed his talent at the European Championships in his home country. “I’ve been working on my attacking game. Sometimes I was a little more interested in the ball and tried to get some maturity in my game.”

Three days after winning the European title, the phone rang while Albers was enjoying a short vacation in Friesland. Annan is the one with the best news this time. In mid-June there was excitement at the holiday home in the north of the country.

The Albers were allowed to cheer four times at the Y Hockey Stadium in Tokyo, the organization of the Olympic hockey tournament. “I’m not involved in this, I have no pressure, but they fly easily,” said Albers, daughter of Guido Albers, a leading agent in the football world. “I’m so happy to be here. I enjoy every game.”

Young player in the Albers hockey test. “Therefore, every day we need to make sure the team is complete and count on everyone to be there,” Albers agrees. For now, he seems to be keeping the athletes well and not being able to stop the Olympic title from orange. “We will give everything we have in the next few days and fight for that gold medal.”

The Orange team will face Olympic champions Great Britain in the semifinals on Wednesday. The game starts at 03.30 Dutch time.

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