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Benjamin Felice Albers was the gold medalist with two goals in a match that dominated the orange from the first second. Against a traditional team he has a lot of trouble with. Take that infamous contest five years ago.

It was the darkest day in the careers of eight current Orange players and of course Allison Annan. Rio de Janeiro lost the Olympic final. Annan’s team was much better than Great Britain on Friday, but lost after a penalty shootout. At Oi Hockey Stadium, the Dutch national team avenged that rare defeat. ‘GB’ is fully played.

Tormentor Hinch

The orange team, who had already had some problems with the British in the group stage, did better than the match in the first quarter, but forgot to reward himself for it. For example, the first offensive penalty fell under goalkeeper Xan de Waard’s stick, and Maria Verschoor had a good chance to beat Maddie Hinch. Hinch, the great tormentor of the Netherlands in Rio, remained calm.

Before the end of the first 15 minutes of pure playing time there were still 3.4 seconds on the clock, and the orange jerseys were awarded a penalty. The ball had fallen from a melee from a second penalty kick to Eva de Guede’s stick, who had the opportunity to free kick from the penalty spot. Shauna McClain actually got the ball on her foot, but she was still covered by Hinch. The penalty push was correctly reversed and from the penalty spot Frederic dragged Matla off target.


Was it another match like Rio? No you did not. Because in the nineteenth and twentieth minute, the number 1 in the world closed the game. The youngest of all, the excellent Phyllis Albers, showed off her impressive efficacy and this was not the first time in Tokyo. The right winger, in an adventure on the left side of the field, didn’t even get the ball into a promising position, but left that up to the Amsterdam player. With a difficult ‘flat’, Albers goalkeeper Hinch was stunned in the long corner: 1-0.

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This reinforcement gave the European wings and the world champion. A minute later, De Waard, on his way to becoming the best player in the world, found Marloes Keetels. The defensive midfielder who cleverly snuck forward took the game and shot the ball off the rack the old-fashioned way: 2-0.


Keetels’ response was expressive. As the Bossche scorer raised her arms in the air, her teammates stormed her. The Dutch women made it clear that they were not going to give up the lead anymore.

This was further emphasized in the third quarter. First, Maria Verschuer turned it 3-0 from a corner kick that was executed with perfection high in the ropes, then Albers was attentive again. 4-0 already scored her sixth goal in Oic . country. What a player. Gisele Ansley saved Britain’s honor (4-1), after which the match was professionally rated and Matla has now scored 13 consecutive National Service matches with her fourth-quarter goal, a record.

Wilton and geode

By reaching the final, Ledwig Welten and Eva de Guede, after gold in Beijing and London and silver in Rio, made sure of their fourth Olympic medal at the fourth Summer Games. With regard to Dutch athletes, so far this has only been possible with dressage rider Anke van Grunsven, who has won medals at six different Summer Games, and hockey player Thion de Neuyer.

This also makes Wilton and de Guedd among the most successful Olympians in the Netherlands ever. If the final orange loses, he, like De Nooijer, will win two golds and two silvers. If the final is won, the duo will lead together.

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India or Argentina

Tonight it will be announced in the other semi-finals who will be the opponent in the final, which will take place on Friday at 12:00 PM Dutch time (7:00 PM in Tokyo). The sudden India that overthrew Australia or Argentina. India is led by Shored Marine, the successful India coach who had to make way for Annan as Orange national coach in 2016.

After the famous Bollywood star (Shah Rock Khan) with over 40 million followers retweeted a Twitter message from Marijne (“Sorry family, I’ll be back soon”), the trainer from Brabant Widely in India. If Argentina manages to reach the final, then the Netherlands is waiting for a duplicate of the final of the London Olympics, which the orange shirt team won 2-0 at the time.

Find here the full schedule in Tokyo.

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