Hogarth’s friend crashes from space!

Riggie: Brad Bird

A nine-year-old boy lives with his mother in the 1950s in the woods outside Rockwell, Maine. A tall robot collapses from space to Earth and cannot call home. Bitnick artist and undercover operative in a raincoat. These are the components of this animated movie that no one has seen in the Netherlands. Or maybe he saw it but was forgotten. Anyway: The 1999 revenue was very disappointing for the studio that released the movie. Too bad, because this is a great story of friendship for children.

This doesn’t have to be said in a lot of words, but there’s clearly something missing in the life of nine-year-old Hogarth Hughes. Father, for example, but why is it never explained. not necessary. He has a nice, hard-working mother. And now, after some initial panic on the part of Hogarth, a giant iron friend too.

The problem is that the US government thinks very differently about the robot which is tens of meters high and sends the army towards it. For adults Iron giant From then on, a parody of enemy thinking in the 1950s, when it was believed that national security meant possessing more and more nuclear weapons and prosecuting opponents for as long as possible. But there’s nowhere that this serious licker can control in the movie. The whole animation has a kind of jazzy flow and fun. From Hogarth’s dangling arms to the artist’s gorgeous raised eyebrow that makes the robot eat scrap metal. To the funny references to the science fiction movies of the 1950s, in which all sorts of things fell from space to subjugate humanity.

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It’s great that Pathé Thuis continues to make this movie. And watch with your children, because at the end you can shed a tear.

To be seen in Pathé Thuis.

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