‘Holidays are perfect for me’

In Record performance against Chile He wasn’t there. But in the quarter-final against South Korea, Jonas De Guise is back on the scoresheet. The midfielder is raring to go after his unusually long competitive break.

Monday is one of the hottest days in Bhubaneswar. The mercury rose to around 32 degrees. In the hottest part of the day, the Dutch team finished their training. It didn’t matter much to de Cuse. There was smoke away and says he digests the heat well.

Most important: De Guise touched a stick for the first time in four days. Thursday – Just before the game against Chile, he suffered a knee ligament injury. “We did a drill towards the goal. I wanted to hit it with my backhand and then it was a full shot,” says the midfielder. “It was a few minutes before we started. I noticed a sharp pain and couldn’t walk away from the feeling.

The decision was made quickly. There is no risk to be taken with De Guise, who was recently named by national coach Jeroen Delmy.Orange hinge‘. Beautiful words that Kampongkar receives with a smile. His absence left the Netherlands short of a substitute against Chile. But the Orange didn’t really care: the team ran like a charm and the poor South Americans curled up with a World Cup record score of 14-0. “I don’t think they missed me in that game,” he said dryly.

De Geus with Physio Physio Mischa Vermeijs. Photo: William Vernes

Five days without a game

De Guise soon learned that he had nothing to fear from missing more than the last group match. “I recognize the pain. I’ve had it before. It’s been an injury I’ve had on and off for about three years. Usually it’s just a little irritation in the knee. Can I play hockey with it? I played a little bit in Argentina last month. I know what to do with it, so what mental No pressure.’

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He spent a few extra hours with physio Mischa Vermeijs and made a full recovery. “All those rest days worked well for me,” said De Guess, who is five days away from the World Cup with the Netherlands.

‘I’m not completely new to such a long break,’ says de Cuse. ‘We had it in the previous World Cup too, but it was in the group stage. There were twice four days between our matches. I didn’t think it was a big deal, we passed the time. We tried to stay in rhythm with our workouts. Meanwhile, of course, we watched other matches.’

De Guise during training for Orange Monday. Photo: William Vernes

Shootouts or overtime

For example, enthusiast de Guise enjoyed the spectacle between India and New Zealand. It only fuels the fire. You want to stand there. It sounds clich├ęd, but you notice other things are being asked in the knockout stages. For example, mentally. The shoot-outs were great in those games. However, nowadays there are a lot of fights that are decided this way. I would also like to have an extension first. If it’s still built, you can still take shoot-outs. Then the match is not always decided in the same way.’

They are almost allowed to go again. The grand countdown has begun. The most important phase of the competition is now really approaching.

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