Holland Park’s public spaces have been relocated to Dimen municipality

Dimen – Holland Park residential area enters a new phase; The public space for this area was transferred by Bergwijkstadspark BV to Dimen municipality. This practically complements the public space in this region.

Lex Scholten, Alderman for Spatial Development, André Snippe and Simon de Graaf attended the event on behalf of Bergwijkstadspark BV’s management. Transportation means that from now on the municipality will take care of the administration and maintenance. With this relocation, the maintenance and management of, for example, street works, public lighting, sewers, green spaces and artworks are transferred to the municipality.

High standards for the quality of public spaces

In 2016, Dimen City Council approved the Urban Plan and Image Quality Plan for Holland Park. This created a high quality residential area, including public spaces. Project developer Bergwijkpark Stadspark BV designed the public space according to those requirements. The municipality is very satisfied with the completion and delivery of public space. Based on current ideas, the municipality still wants to actively focus on “greening” the neighborhood in the coming period.

Neighborhood greening

Dimen residents have taken all kinds of initiatives in the area of ​​public space. Garbage removal, weeding, redesign and maintenance of neighborhood yards, among other things. On their own initiative and sometimes with the municipality’s stimulation. The municipality also wants to make this happen in Holland Park. Due to the subterranean infrastructure of the area, it is difficult to plant many trees.

However, the municipality is looking for options to make the neighborhood greener and climate-adaptable. For example, later this year construction will start on facade gardens, with residents themselves placing plants in the facade garden and also taking care of maintenance. Front gardens can brighten a neighborhood and give it a greener look. Before the summer holidays, the municipality will actively communicate with residents for this.

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It is also assessed whether there is interest in the area in the form of organic waste collection.

How it started

Holland Park will be a car-free urban residential area with nearly 6,000 homes in owner-occupied and rented apartments in various sizes. The first homes in this part of Holland Park were completed in 2017. More than 1,700 homes have already been completed. Work is also underway in the following residential areas within Holland Park, namely Holland Park West and Holland Park South. The first pile was pushed into the Holland Park West residential area on Thursday, April 15th. In this new neighborhood, 716 homes will be completed in stages, varying in rent and purchase (social and average prices). A spacious school is also being constructed there, which provides space for around 700 elementary school students, a day care center and a playgroup.

Holland Park South is the final part of the development of this area to be realized at a later stage.

Park in Holland Park

Few construction plans will be realized in this plan segment in the near future. In addition to housing, a new green park will be established in the heart of Holland Park in 2022. The park will be built on the former site of Bergwijkdreef. The park will be provided with walking paths and play facilities.

Moving the public space to the municipality also means that Holland Park residents can henceforth report all reports on public spaces to the municipality. This can be done by phone via the Customer Contact Center, phone 020 – 31 44 888, digitally via the website or via the Easy Reporting app.

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