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The smells are already beginning to be masked in the toilet: after all, there are enough smells to be replaced by a fresher smell. Now the living room, bedroom or any room in the house can also be endowed with its own scent, which, just like perfume on a person, can depend on the moment and have its own scent. When a person has to deal mainly with perfume atomizer, so-called room sprays, perfume sticks and candles at home can also be chosen.

The big difference between personal perfume and home perfume lies mainly in the scent itself. Just spraying your favorite perfume that you put on in the living room that morning doesn’t work, says Sebastian van de Burgh, director of product development at Dutch brand Marie Stella Maris. “You could say that personal perfumes are more complex. Leather ensures that the scent develops during the day and that it You can fully enjoy the top, heart and base notes. You can experience the home fragrance in a one-dimensional way.”

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There are also similarities between personal perfume and home fragrance: both have to do with trends, occasions, and seasons. For example, you might want a completely different house fragrance in December than in May, just as you would if you wore a different fragrance on Tuesday than on Friday evening at dinner. “When the bathroom smells fresh, you want a warm scent in the living room and a soothing scent in the bedroom, like lavender.”

Safety plays a major role in development, but it is also in use. In 2004, air fresheners made headlines because they were said to release harmful substances. Research has shown that this is indeed the case, but not to the extent that it could pose a health risk. Scented candles have also come under fire for this reason, with the disclaimer also stating that this applies to long-term use. The following applies to all products: The more natural ingredients, such as beeswax, are used in candles, the better. When buying, pay attention to the warnings and ingredients mentioned on the packaging.

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Van de Burgh noted that the more we are at home, something that has happened often during an epidemic, the more we need our own scent at home. “Opening a window for fresh air is always a good thing for the individual. But home fragrance is an extension of the interior and atmosphere of a home. Smell is the most emotional of all senses and your home is where you spend most of your time, especially while closed. With home fragrance, you influence your mood in a positive way: it is It gives you peace of mind and makes you happy to come home and make guests feel welcome.”

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