Homes on the site of the former Upfield factory

The margarine plant, at the head of Feyenoord, will be owned by the region’s developer VORM from December 1. The Rotterdam-based real estate developer and builder aspires to transform the now gated site into a place to live, work and experience with nearly 1,000 homes on the water that will enrich the Rotterdam skyline.

After changing the departure of Upfield appearance The margarine factory site is in a residential area where 2,000 people will soon find a home. The historical value of the area will be preserved and made tangible, says Marc Frijns, development manager at VORM: “The monumental appearance will remain, but the area will be expanded with about a thousand homes and ten thousand square meters of jobs and work facilities. In this way we continue to build on the history that makes Rotterdam what it is.” It is what it is today: a city where new opportunities are constantly emerging.”

room for everyone

The new area will be called “DK”. A vibrant futuristic area in a stunning location full of energy. A neighborhood where there is room for everyone: beginners, advanced people, young people, the elderly and families. Social and mid-rent homes and various owner-occupied homes are realized. At least half of all homes will become affordable. We want a neighborhood that everyone is happy with. Not anonymous residential towers, but a cohesive neighborhood and structure. With a balance between your private space and shared space,” Frijns says.

Participation of the local population

In order to come up with the best plan, the first discussions were held with the locals. This way VORM wants to get to know the neighborhood better. At the same time, the developer programs the temporary stage. At the beginning of February 2023, VORM will organize a kick-off event for participation and venue making. Local residents and other interested parties are welcome to learn about the area, development and our team. “After more than 100 years, we open the doors together to build a future Margarineterrein together from this moment on.”

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