Honda predicts three more Verstappen wins this year

At Honda, they look back with satisfaction at the previous race in Turkey. There, the Red Bull ran on a dual platform in special Honda colors. Masashi Yamamoto, managing director of the engine supplier, secretly expected more, but was glad to see both Red Bull drivers in their white suits on stage.

“It was a good decision for us, especially after a disappointing Friday. Sergio Perez was impressive and did a good job. There were some disappointments that we could not win the race with Max Verstappen, but it was good to have two drivers on stage. They were proud,” he says. As the web.

Although Verstaben did not win, to Yamamoto’s delight he is still leading the championship. “The support of the Japanese people took us back to the forefront. The title fight would be very interesting if we could retain it after the race in the United States and take the lead on the way to Mexico and Brazil.”

The next race, in the United States, will be the most important, the Yamamoto judges. “We have to make sure we’re in good shape there. Max wants to go to Mexico and Brazil as champions. Then we have races in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. There is still advantage in the title fight.”

When asked how many wins Verstaben will have, Yamamoto thinks: “I think we can win three more races. Brazil and Mexico, but also Abu Dhabi. We won from the polar position last year. The other races I don’t know are Saudi Arabia, but Mexico, Brazil and Abu Dhabi will be a good race! I expect a good result, “the Japanese said.

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