Hong Kong billionaire considering starting a Formula 1 team: “Sport should include more Asia”

Calvin Law is considering an opportunity to start a Formula 1 team. The Hong Kong billionaire already has financial ties to the Williams team, but is considering starting his own team with an eye on Asia, according to reports. Reuters.

The premiere of motorsport is on the rise and this is not only noticeable in the number of countries that want to stage a race, but also in the number of investors who are considering starting a team. Michael Andretti’s bid has been going on for a while, and Lo is also considering starting a team. Money will not play a role in the billionaire’s case, but he wants to focus on Asia and hopes to get not only Asian drivers behind the wheel, but also mechanics and team members to come from that part of the world.

We’re talking seriously with some teams

Speaking to the famous paper, Lu explains: “The financial part, believe it or not, isn’t really the biggest problem for me. It’s actually bringing all the expertise and the mechanics, the whole team into one unit. And so at the moment there are a few opportunities that occurred, and we’re seriously talking to a few teams.” Not only collaborating with an existing team in the pipeline, but also starting your own team is one possibility. Lo is currently sponsoring the Williams team, but is keeping the options open: “I can say there is participation through the investment companies to co-invest in this team. That’s all I can say about that, we might pick a new team from 2026.”

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Formula 1 is very focused on the United States

Since Liberty Media’s acquisition of the sport, the focus has been on the United States and Lo wants to focus on Asia. “I think there are a lot of Asian players and investors who want to get involved in the sport – more than we can imagine. I’m fortunate enough to know a lot of them and they have expressed interest in getting involved.” Explain. Lo’s goal is clear: “I would like to see in Formula 1 more Asian involvement, more Asian talent, not only drivers but also behind the scenes.”

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