Hong Kong independent news site closed after raid and arrests

The wife of a former editor-in-chief was also arrested. This guy from Chan Pui was already in prison and had previously worked with Apple Daily, the big company pro-democracy newspaper Which stopped in June this year under pressure from Beijing. Founder Jimmy Lai was indicted again yesterday, this time for sedition. The 74-year-old media mogul was jailed more than a year ago for attending illegal meetings.

In this morning’s raid, computers, phones and other things were seized. A police official confirmed that no further arrests were ruled out. According to him, Stand News has published news and comments that incite hatred against the authorities.

John Lee, Hong Kong’s second-largest politician, said there was enough evidence of the raid. He also said that “behaviour that threatens national security” can never be tolerated, and spoke of “evil elements affecting the freedom of the press.”

A hand is stronger than Beijing

The arrests fit a pattern in which China tightens its grip on the semi-autonomous city, in part through the controversial Security Code. The law addresses the pursuit of secession, alleged foreign interference and so-called subversive activities in Hong Kong. Journalists have been arrested several times over the past year for conspiracy.

Earlier this month, a postponed election was held in the city. Only candidates approved by a pro-China committee were allowed to participate. Of the handful of candidates who call themselves “moderates,” no one has managed to win a seat. Participation was 30% of those eligible to vote Historically low.

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