Hong Kong investor considering joining Formula 1: ‘An idea to start a new team’

An investor from Hong Kong has expressed his desire to form a new Formula 1 team. This means the second candidate after the previous candidacy of Michael Andretti. Although the current teams aren’t excited about the American’s arrival, Calvin Law believes he can come up with a plan to rally the teams behind him.

in conversation with Daily Star Lo tells of plans to start a new team, and sees a lot of opportunities. We looked at the possibilities of doing something with an existing team. Then the idea of ​​creating a new team came up. There are a lot of opportunities now. I think the sport is entering a new era with a younger audience and a new fanbase. The sport appears to be more accessible than ever before.

Although the current F1 teams aren’t excited about a new entry, the man from Hong Kong believes something is possible. I understand why existing teams are hesitant about the arrival of a new team. If everything has to come out of the same pot, what good is that for them? But if we can make sure that the pie cut into pieces gets a little bigger, then everyone on the network benefits. How will we ensure that the number of viewers continues to grow and the fan base continues to grow? “

The investor believes that because he is not from the world of motorsport, he can make an important contribution to this with new insights. “I think anyone who doesn’t come from motorsport can come up with new ideas because they look at things differently. Assuming we can settle everything financially, we can present a positive surprise.

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Formula 1 is becoming more popular in Asia

The sport is getting bigger in America and so Formula 1 is increasingly moving towards the US, but Lo also sees the sport’s massive popularity in Asia. “In Asia, Formula 1 is also growing. Everyone is talking about it. I was at the Singapore Grand Prix and everyone was so excited. There are only a few races in Asia, so here too there are opportunities to make the pie bigger.

Lo is also clear about when his team should actually enter F1. Today not tomorrow! It’s funny: It’s the fastest sport in the world, but some aspects of it are really slow. Either way, we’d like to be more involved in any capacity. With an existing team it will of course be faster. With a new team, you are realistically looking at 2026. But this will also be difficult.

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