hoof wire on appeal; Probably for the Inter-American Court

hoof wire

Indicted former Surinamese Finance Minister Gilmore Hovdrad issued a statement on Friday explaining his criminal prosecution.

Hovdrad was convicted in absentia and lodged an appeal. He did not attend the meeting himself and declared the resistance invalid. According to Suriname law, you cannot appeal after your objection has been rescinded. However, Hovdrad states that he will appeal the court’s decision.

So, there’s a good chance it will go to the US Court of Justice as former Secretary Alibux did in 2013. Alibux was convicted in 2003 of forgery and was unable to appeal. His then-lawyer, Irwin Kanhae, believed he was not receiving a fair trial in his own country, and went to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

According to Hovdrad, he was denied a fair trial in Suriname due to the political nature of the charges and proceedings against him. “This unfair criminal trial has effectively destroyed my personal and professional reputation and my sense of security,” he said. Because he would have been denied a fair trial, he was not even able to appear in court to personally defend himself.

“Finally I was sentenced to eleven years Imprisonment on charges that amount to highly disproportionate political resentment, even if the charges are justified. This is another confirmation of the lack of independence and impartiality of this court in this political persecution.

If I were denied the right to appeal my case for not appearing in person today, this court would be in violation of Article 8(2)(h) of the United States Convention on Human Rights which guarantees the right to appeal against a decision in court. higher court.

As noted, international law does not allow a person to be deprived of his or her rights – in this case the right to appeal – because the person refused to subject himself to an unfair trial for exercising this right. “For these reasons, I still have the right to appeal this court’s ruling, and I will exercise that right,” he said.

The statement can be read and downloaded below:

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