Hopmans moves to Vlasveen – Dagblad van het Noorden

Hopmans Veterinary Center in Roden, which has been around for 36 years, will move to a new location in Roden this month. The renovation of the building at Vlasveen 9 will then be completed.

Due to the increasing demand for quality animal care, the current location on Groene Zoom no longer meets the requirements. In the new building, more choices for veterinary care are offered by the same trusted team of thirteen veterinarians and twenty-five veterinarians.

The new site offers comprehensive animal care: from annual health checks, vaccinations and regular consultations to state-of-the-art equipment for advanced diagnostics and operations. Jessica Sommer, MD, Veterinary Center Hopmans: We’re growing out of our jacket, the new location provides more space for our expertise in orthopedics, surgery, cardiology, internal medicine, endoscopy/laparoscopy, dermatology and dentistry. With seven consulting rooms, a space for physiotherapy, separate operating rooms for orthopedics, soft tissue surgery, and laparoscopic surgery, and room for dental and CT procedures, Hopmans Veterinary Center in Roden is the North’s most advanced veterinary clinic for dogs, cats, rabbits, and ferrets.”

Since 2017, the Hopmans Veterinary Center, with its locations in Rhoden and Groningen, has joined forces with AniCura, an international network of veterinary clinics. Jessica Sommer: “In order for the clinic to survive, owners must relocate the veterinary clinic once they get older.” By integrating with AniCura, continuity of practice and job security is ensured for the team, and we are given the space to improve our quality.

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