Horner on Drive to Survive: ‘They’re making a show’

According to Christian Horner, Team Principal of Red Bull Racing, Netflix should stop cutting and pasting phrases for the Drive to Survive series. Although he shares Max Verstappen’s opinion.

The Red Bull driver, twice world champion, has indicated several times in recent years that he is unhappy with the series on Netflix. In this series, the camera crew usually follows a specific team each weekend, but they also keep an eye on other teams during a race weekend. This gives fans a behind-the-scenes look thanks to never-before-seen footage. The series primarily helped popularize the sport in the United States, but the series has also done well in other countries.

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Verstappen County

Verstappen had no interest in being in the series for the 2021 season (it appeared in 2022), in which he became world champion for the first time. The Dutchman disagreed with Netflix’s cut-and-paste approach, which misrepresented some of the drivers – including himself – to create drama and sensibility. So the fans don’t get the right picture of the drivers. In 2022, after having a conversation with Netflix, he shared again and provided quotes they could use in the series.

Horner in the series

on the podcast Excuse me, take me Horner discusses the series, which is very popular with fans but not with drivers. While Horner is certainly important, he also knows how the series works. “You see at the end of the year, they send out some clips and what you don’t see is how they recorded it together. You think, ‘Did I really say that?’ And sometimes you think, ‘Where is this going? How do they cut it all down; do they make it too hard for the guys on the other side? In the end it all comes together. But you have to think about it: They’re producing a show.”

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