Horner sees Netflix success: ‘Sometimes it’s like the Kardashians on wheels’

The popularity of Formula 1 has increased greatly in recent years, especially in the United States, many new fans have joined. The Netflix series “Drive to Survive” seems to have a major influence on this. However, Christian Horner sometimes has an idea similar to Kardashian’s.

For several years now, teams and drivers have been watched closely throughout the season by streaming giant Netflix’s cameras. The ‘Drive to Survive’ series has been a success and has attracted many new fans to the premier motorsport category. It made many Americans decide to pursue sports.


The growing American interest in Formula 1 is also noticeable on a commercial level. The head of the Red Bull Racing team, Christian Horner, is completely honest about this in a conversation with the Bloomberg platform: “Of the 25 new partners that we have attracted in the past three years, 21 are based in the United States. Three of these companies are included in the Fortune 500.”


However, Horner also sees Drive to Survive as bringing something extra in another area. The British Red Bull boss sees there’s another side to this: “The sport is going great at the moment. Something this series has done really well is explaining how the sport works, attracting new fans, showing the characters and what’s going on behind the scenes. They’re the Kardashians on Wheels.” Occasionally “.

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