Horner unhappy with Netflix: ‘You sometimes wonder where it’s going’

The popularity of Formula 1 has increased dramatically in recent years. This is due in part to the Netflix series Drive to Survive. Not everyone is happy with the series, after all, it’s a lot of cut and paste by the makers. Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner believes the situation must change quickly.

Drive to Survive has gained many new fans and is one of the reasons why this sport is growing in popularity in the United States. Not everyone is happy with it because the show sometimes differs greatly from reality. There is a lot of cutting and pasting involved, which sometimes causes situations to lose their context. This ensures that Max Verstappen refused to cooperate earlier.

Therefore, Christian Horner, the boss of the Red Bull Racing team, is not always happy with the creators of the Netflix series. The Brit explains his annoyance on the Pardon my Take podcast: “You can watch it at the end of the year. They send you some clips, but you don’t see how they put them in the series. You ask. You wonder if you really said it. You wonder if you really said, for example, That you’ll see each other on Tuesday.Sometimes you wonder where it’s going.Then you see the end result and you wonder if they’ve given others such a hard time as us But, you have to understand that they’re putting on a show.

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