Horner was thrilled with Ricciardo’s contribution: “He threw himself into it and embraced his new role.”

Christian Horner has revealed that Daniel Ricciardo will run a number of tests on behalf of Red Bull Racing later this season. The team boss is very pleased with the Australian’s presence, which he says provides a lot of positivity.

When it was announced that Ricciardo would leave McLaren at the end of 2022, Red Bull Racing didn’t have to think long. The Austrian team decided to bring its former driver back to Milton Keynes, this time as a third driver. “It’s such a positive for us that he’s on the team, he contributes to the team, the drivers and the engineers,” said the team boss about the race weekend in Australia. “Hopefully he will rediscover his love for the sport. He’ll do some tests for us later in the year and then we’ll see how it goes. But I think it’s a different kind of experience.”

Ricciardo was on the site for the first time this season at the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne, and his presence has had a positive effect, according to team boss Horner. “It must have been very hard for him not to be a driver this weekend, but he threw himself into it and embraced his new role,” Horner said. “He’s really thrown himself into it. He’s in all the briefings, working hard on the simulator in the UK, providing race support and doing some development work on top of that.”

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The most popular driver

“Daniel is just such a positive energy that we have. It’s great to see him as well mojo Again, to see that big smile on his face. The entire room lights up as he enters. “Ricardo was welcomed with open arms by the public in his home country.” Popularity in Formula 1 – Despite not driving a car, he is still probably the most popular driver here. “

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