Hospice Het Alteveer in Assen opens the doors to a brand new building

The new building of Het Alteveer in Assen is ready for use. The building is twice the size of the old hospice and has different types of rooms and is more modern.

There is a great demand for the care of people who are soon to die and who wish to spend their final days, weeks or months in a shelter. Due to the aging population, there is a greater need for this than in the past. This is also evident in Het Alteveer, because the new building will be almost completely full in a week.

Avoid the queue

“Two guests are coming in from the old hospice on the Burgemeester Agterstraat in central Assen with the coveted ambulance. And we already have three new entries in the planning,” says Pete Gorter, Chairman of Stichting Hospice Het Alteveer Assen. .

The hospice has six guest rooms for people receiving palliative care. This means that they are in the last stage of their lives and only receive care to make this stage as comfortable as possible. There was only room for three people in the old building. In order to avoid the waiting list and the risk of not releasing places in time, it was decided to build a new building in 2020.

home feeling

The hospice is designed in such a way that people feel at home. In addition to their bedroom and bathroom, people also have their own balcony. There are special family rooms, where guests can relax with relatives, and a children’s room where children who come to visit can play quietly. For family members who want to spend the night, there are two guest rooms.

A great asset is the common room, the living room, where still-mobile guests can connect with other temporary residents. “The volunteers who work here are always in this room,” says coordinator Ricarda de Jong Posthumous. “We serve food here three times a day and serve coffee.” “In this place we can offer our guests more comfort than before. You can have the family there at any time of the day. Just like at home.”

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