Hotel Britannia: ‘Could it be a little less?’

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Wim Skipper, along with two other locals, called on others to join the forces and oppose the current building plan for the hotel. Nearby residents are not opposed to hotel construction, and the purpose of the building is particularly troubling. The hotel will be 64 meters high. “The zonal plan is that we know it will be 52 meters high, but now it will suddenly be 12 meters high.” The extra meters are a cause for concern for residents. “We’re going to get a lot of shade on the neighborhood side, we’re going to be affected by wind currents, and traffic density is increasing,” Skipper says succinctly.

Strong together

Residents began a signature campaign. “We have now collected about eighty. We are still working until Tuesday so that the objection can be submitted in a timely manner,” Skippers says. Nearby residents want the hotel to be minimal. Skippers are also afraid of financial damage if the current plan goes ahead. “Think about the yield from solar panels, the value of homes is declining and can be damaged by wind.”

Hotel Britannia

For nearly thirty years, various Willis singers have suggested that the place where New Britannia should come from was ‘Boulevard’s rotten tooth’. Owner Monique von Welson and developer Paul Hughes have big plans: the new hotel to be built will have eighteen floors, 205 rooms and a ski restaurant above. Project developers hope to get approvals by 2021 so that part construction can take place by 2022, 2023 and 2024. Later that year, the first guests were to stay at the hotel.

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On top of that Omroop Zeeland’s Facebook page There is a different response to recent projects. “How horrible! Couldn’t there be a remake of the building from 1886? Or at least a little more nostalgia. It’s too much for Boulevard, a disgrace,” someone replies. Another says: “I like the old building a lot.” Someone else thinks we should seek the opinion of the residents. “It’s calling for a referendum, isn’t it?

There are also those looking forward to the new hotel. “Everything is better than it is now. It takes 25 years for the opponent to come up with a better plan. I hope this project will start soon”, read between reactions. Another opposes negative reactions as well. “You really should be happy that someone wants to invest to catch Boulevard in these bad times.”

Wim Skipper expresses his concern about the height of the hotel.

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