House of Representatives: Free tampons for minimum wage earners from next year

outside The project is an international study It shows that one in 10 women and girls in the Netherlands do not have money for menstrual products. In many countries, such as Scotland and New Zealand, menstrual products are already provided free to minimum wage earners. Low income women can take advantage of this (Income up to 120 percent of Social Minimum Income).

Menstruation is not a choice

Now the majority of the House of Representatives wants the same. Today the parliamentary majority supports the proposal of D66 MP Hülya Kat and Marieke Koekkoek (Volt). Namely: SP, CDA, CU, PvdA, GroenLinks D66 and PvdD. Its aim is to distribute goods through food banks or the Red Cross. This is already happening in many municipalities.

The operation will cost around 2 million euros. D66’er Kat: “Menstruation is not a choice. It’s a very normal thing. Girls can’t have to miss school and miss a test or an exam because of it. We’re making sure they can participate with free menstrual products. Again.”

College of Human Rights

In the Netherlands, the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights has already advocated for free delivery of these products in 2020. Through this, the board said that the hurdles for poor women should be removed.

In 2021, the PvdA attempted to make menstrual products freely available. But then the parliamentary majority was not available. The government considered it the function of the municipalities.


Municipalities such as Rotterdam, Amstelveen, Gouda and Utrecht have already done so in recent years. For example, they provided menstrual products in different ways to this specific target group. Poverty funds and private individuals did the same.

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Menstrual expenses

Estimates of menstrual costs vary: From 50 euros to 6000 euros per year Throughout life. Then there are the costs of painkillers and lost income from reporting sick. According to a study by OnePoll, a woman spends almost 6000 euros in her life For menstrual products.

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