Houston rockets expand trade talks beyond James Horton’s favorite teams

The Houston Rockets are further expanding the business debate over All-NBA custody James Horton Beyond the preferred locations of Brooklyn and Philadelphia, the sources are ESPN.

Many playoff-caliber teams at Eastern and Western conferences say they find greater comfort in making high-level commercial assets in negotiations to acquire Horton for ESPN. Rockets have been holding ongoing discussions on several fronts, and sources said they have been in contact with Horton about those shots.

Many teams tell ESPN that they feel less about the trade for Horton without the assurance that he will sign again once he is able to become a free agent in two years.

The Sixers have shown interest in adding an All-Star guard Ben Simmons In trade packages for Horton, sources said those talks were nowhere near a deal. Sources said the nets have been limited by interest in the Reds’ staff and a third team may be needed to come out of the talks. So far, the steep price rockets for young players ’prices and selection have not moved any of their discussion to the advanced stage.

Rockets plans to start the season next week by sharing the Horton Back Court John Wall But the teams have expressed an option that they will conclude a deal soon, sources said.

Horton, a three-time scoring champion, did not report to Houston until December 8, 2018 NBA MVP – two days after the Rockets began team practice. He missed the first two games of the Rocket’s pre-season, and admitted he was in a “catchy mode” in learning game conditioning and new Houston coach Stephen Silas’ settings.

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Horton, 31, asked for a trade before training camp, even though the Rockets offered him a two-year, $ 103 million contract extension – more than three years later, sources told ESPN that he still owes $ 133 million.

“I can only focus now, and for me, the best James Horton will make sure I am in shape,” Horton told reporters Wednesday. “Like I said, I didn’t even get a chance to play 5-in-5. Personal workouts are also great when you practice personal basketball, but as every NBA player would admit, there is no such thing as 5-in-5 training, normal Creating character, readings and things like that. When I came out for my first time yesterday, I felt good and it was exciting. “

ESPN’s Tim McMahon contributed to the report.

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