How do you stream the US Grand Prix?

Are you a true fan of Formula 1? So you probably want to follow all races. Some went to the Singapore and Japan Grand Prix and you should be lucky to be in the stands in the US in October. With a ViaPlay subscription, you can also watch the races live online. What can we expect at the Texas GP both on and off the track?

Racing and Celebration at the US Grand Prix

according to This ExpressVPN infographic goes after the world of F1 football. Live sports streaming is an interesting development as new trends are constantly emerging. The Grand Prix is ​​definitely an important part of that. Since 2012, it has been part of the Formula 1 Championship. The race takes place at the Circuit of the Americas. He. She COTA is located southeast of the capital of Texas, Austin. The 51st US Grand Prix will be held on October 23, 2022. This will be the second time that Formula 1 has come to the US this year. In May 2022, the Formula 1 Circus came to Miami for the Grand Prix in Miami. Despite the fact that COTA is one of the newer courses on the calendar, the track has proven to be very popular among fans due to its determination. The US Grand Prix has been absent from the Formula 1 calendar for a while, but is now back.

Formula 1 is very popular in the Netherlands, in part due to Max Verstappen winning his second world title in Japan. Broadcasting has also grown in popularity. The only downside to live streaming is that you can’t attend all the festivities live (and there are quite a few at the US Grand Prix). Tension builds, both on and off the track. The celebration will reach its climax when world fans attend the Grand Prix on Sunday 23 October. There’s still plenty of action off the track, with famous artists like Post Malone, Renée Zellweger, Ed Sheeran and more famous faces coming to town for parties. If you don’t see yourself traveling to Austin so quickly to impress in the coming weeks, broadcast the race at home for your convenience!

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Follow GP around the world

With a ViaPlay subscription, you can follow the race live, wherever you are in the world. Here are some steps on how to do that:

  1. Go to ViaPlay and sign up for a subscription
  2. Download the ViaPlay app on your phone or tablet, or log in to ViaPlay on your PC
  3. Use a private network to make sure you can watch outside of Europe
  4. Watch the race live!

With ViaPlay you can follow the GP races. Via Play has been in Formula 1 for several months as a streaming provider, reports, who spoke with the program director from the broadcast service. However, if you are not in Europe for a vacation or a business trip, rest assured, you can still catch up on all the action with this streaming service.

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