How does F1 fill in these two gaps?

There is a puzzle before Formula 1. The Formula 1 calendar may have another change in a few days, forcing the company to look for two new rounds. However, due to potential problems in Turkey and Mexico, the problems are not over yet.

There is no GB in Japan

On Wednesday it became clear that the Japanese Grand Prix also had a good chance of being canceled within a few days. This is not a big surprise, because the GB in Suzuki has been skeptical for some time. However, it leaves the second gap remaining on the calendar for this season, while F1 wants to arrange 23 races ‘idle’ in Top 2021.

There are two holes in the calendar (with canceled GP of Japan). November 21 was already free due to the October 10 Australian Grand Prix being released by Japan and canceled. Brazilian G.P.

That category is not yet clear. Looks like the first four races were fixed. After the summer holidays we are preparing for three topics Belgium-Netherlands-Italy and two weeks later we are going to Russia. However, Russia will be part of a three-pronged approach with Turkey and Japan. However, Japan will disappear, and Turkey is still very uncertain.

Europe or Asia?

In the East, therefore, at least one and perhaps two seats should be filled. China and Malaysia are logically easier options, but were also pumped into Germany, Portugal and Italy in October last year. So Nurburgring and Portimao may have come out of the top hat again.

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After this we travel west, with the first three topics being USA-Mexico-Brazil. However, it was previously known from the US that GB could be transferred to November. November 14 and 21 are mentioned as options for this race, which is compatible with the Brazilian GP who will be selected between November 7 and 14. Since Mexico is also uncertain, the question for the company is with which GP it will be linked. A second GB in Austin or an additional race in the United States is possible.

Bahrain Weather

Then we come to the last block of the calendar. The Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi now take place on December 5th and 12th. Australia is out, but there may be a simple alternative with Bahrain. Bahrain already got the winter test and the first race of the season, but last season arranged the double title on its own track. And then even with a completely different layout.

It is clear that Stefano Dominique and his team still have a lot of work to do to finish this season. There seem to be plenty of options to solve potential problems, but all of these are very limited. Anyway, one thing is for sure: the last word on the calendar is far from being spoken.

2021 F1 calendar without Japan

August 29: Belgian Grand Prix

September 5: Dutch Grand Prix

September 12: Italian Grand Prix

September 26: Russian Grand Prix

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October 3: Turkish Grand Prix

October 10: Vacancy

October 24: United States Grand Prix

October 31: Mexican Grand Prix

November 7: Brazilian Grand Prix

November 21: Vacancy

December 5: Saudi Arabia Grand Prix

December 12: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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