How is the oath and photo of the Rutte IV wardrobe?

King Willem-Alexander will be sworn in before the ministers and ministers of state in Rutte’s fourth government at Nordende Palace on Monday, January 10. There’s more room to comply with the halo rules there compared to Huis ten Bosch. The photo of the catwalk was also taken in Noordeinde. How is this oath performed and what can be said about the history and customs of the landing image?

While taking the oath, newly appointed ministers accept their office “in the presence of the King”, such as Article 49 of the constitution formulate. In doing so, they swear an oath, proclaim and promise, and swear or promise allegiance to the Constitution and the King. And that they do their duties to the best of their ability and have not been bribed and will not allow themselves to be bribed in the future.

“No, then it will be a play.”

The ceremony has been broadcast since 2012, when Rutte II was installed. It wasn’t a success the first time, Because something went wrongForcing to repeat the ceremony. Much to the dismay of Queen Beatrix. “No, then it will be a play.” Orangesal in Huis ten Bosch also turned out to be a dark and vulnerable location for television broadcasting.

In 2017, the first time King Willem-Alexander was sworn into a ministry, Ruti III, people moved to Nordende Palace, where Huis ten Bosch was renovated.

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