How Meghan’s acting skills helped her much-discussed return to England

Harry and Meghan’s return to England to celebrate the Queen’s jubilee in the United Kingdom was seen as big deal Thus, it did not go unnoticed in the newspapers. How can Megan prepare for this media storm? Using her acting experience, it seems.

public appearance

To celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 70th anniversary, Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan and their two children, Archie and Lily, made a short visit to the UK. Weeks earlier, British tabloids were screaming that the Sussex series would cast a spell on the Queen, have their own agenda, and even shoot a reality series on Netflix, but it turned out quite differently. Meghan and Harry only appeared in public at church service once, and they avoided the front pages of major tabloids – even though they were booed in church by angry people during that service.

Acting skills

According to etiquette coach Mica Major and presenter Cristina Gribaldi, Meghan owes this laid-back public appearance to her acting skills. asked Christina Garibaldi, an arts expert at us weekly: “They were, you know, booed when they went to church, but how do you think Megan handles herself in such awkward moments?”

Ms. Meyer responded: “I think her background as an actress might help her. I think it keeps her calm.” She continues, “I can’t even imagine what it would be like to feel pressured in that moment and get booed. I think she managed to control herself beautifully.”

There was a great deal of confusion about this scream. According to some observers of the kings in attendance, the intent was not for the Sussexjes, but for the bus driver who blocked the view of all the royals present with his giant coach…

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Myka Meijer says she has a lot of admiration for Meghan, after all she’s been through. “I think, looking at the pictures and looking at the pictures, it wasn’t easy. Taking all that into consideration and realizing that she’s in the spotlight in many ways. And maybe that’s because of what she’s learned during her acting career. She’s learned how to keep her composure, even when she didn’t You really feel that calm. I thought she did a great job.”

Source: Express | Photo: BRONOPRES

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