How to safely merge on a busy highway? Drenthe County explains it again to prevent accidents on the N34, N381 and N391

The safety of the N34 was discussed again in the county council on Wednesday. Photo: Marcel Gurian de Jong

How to safely merge on a busy highway? A Drenthe County survey showed that this is very difficult for some motorists. Four out of ten road users sometimes feel insecure when merging and sometimes have doubts.

According to the county, unsafe situations arise on a daily basis, especially on the N34, N381 and N391. Inclusion requires adaptation and sympathy on both sides, both the inclusion and the road user on the main road. This message is therefore central to the campaign video promoting Drenthe County on social media,” a Drenthe County spokesperson said.

Check early if there is enough space

According to the spokesperson, as an insider, you start early to see if there is enough space and choose where you want to enter. Traffic on the main road always has a right of way. You do the speeding and make sure you drive at the same pace as in traffic.

Turn on the turn signal when you’re about to merge and check your blind spot. Then it is added gradually. Would someone like to blend in while driving on the main road? Then you can make it easier for them by giving space inside if you can and by adjusting your speed if necessary. Only do this if it’s really possible, as all other maneuvers often lead to unsafe situations.

Sometimes the situation according to the province is more difficult. If it’s busy and you can’t merge, according to the speaker, you can stop at the beginning of the merge lane. Then you still have enough room to speed up. Are you already driving on the ramp, but can’t get there in time? Then stop well before the end of the tape so that you have enough room to insert it.

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