Huawei founder: Thousands of parts replaced by US sanctions

Photo: ANP

Chinese technology group Huawei has had to replace thousands of parts in its products after they were hit by US sanctions. Company founder Ren Zhengfei acknowledged this during a speech in February, a transcript of which was published by a Chinese university on Friday.

Huawei, a major supplier of 5G telecom networking equipment, has been facing trade restrictions imposed by the United States since 2019. The US government accuses Huawei and other Chinese technology companies of enabling backdoor spying in their technology.

But given the limitations, Ren notes in the text, Huawei has replaced 13,000 parts for Chinese alternatives over the past three years. The tech group also had to redesign 4,000 printed circuit boards. Ren said Huawei invested $23.8 billion in research and development last year. “As our profitability improves, we will continue to increase these expenses,” said the founder of Huawei.

Last year, President Biden’s administration banned the sale of new Huawei equipment in the United States. The company itself has always denied all allegations.

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