Huawei unveils the IdeaHub series for offices and schools

Huawei has unveiled a new product line that focuses on office meetings and classrooms in schools. Huawei’s IdeaHub chain responds to the fact that people are increasingly communicating remotely in offices and schools. With IdeaHub smart boards, group conversations can be easily and seamlessly held by those in a large room. The screen can be connected to a maximum of twenty devices and tracks the speakers in the room in terms of picture and sound.

The office-focused version of Huawei IdeaHub comes in two variants: IdeaHub S with 1080p camera and IdeaHub Pro with 4K camera. IdeaHub smart boards are equipped with 12 microphones and an AI-controlled camera, so the whole room can be clearly seen during digital meetings and the speakers can be heard eight meters away. The smart software ensures that the speaker is instantly recognized. IdeaHub can then automatically enlarge and filter other audio except for speaker audio.

The screen is a 4K touch screen with a number of useful applications. For example, text written with the attached digital pen is automatically converted into digital text and drawn charts are also updated into neat digital versions, similar to what you can do in PowerPoint, for example.

Additionally, IdeaHub S and IdeaHub Pro both work on Android 9 and Windows 10, which can be quickly switched between. This means that Windows applications can also easily run on the smart board. Up to twenty smart devices (such as a smartphone) can be connected to the IdeaHub S and Pro at the same time, including the option to control your smartphone via the smart board. This is done via a companion app from Huawei. 64GB of storage is available for Android, or 128GB or 256GB for Windows.

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Huawei ideahub board

The Huawei IdeaHub is a classroom version. The IdeaHub Board comes in 65 ” and 86 ”. This screen contains a blue light filter, which, according to Huawei, protects students’ eyes from harmful blue light. The screen has a larger viewing angle of 178 degrees, so it can also be viewed from a wider classroom. Moreover, this smart board has two microphones that can pick up sound from a 180-degree angle and from an eight-meter distance. The IdeaHub Board does not have built-in cameras.

The IdeaHub Series will be available soon. Prices are high Huawei website To ask.

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