Huge ticket trade in 538 Oranjefeest: offered € 15,000 for a ticket

The 538 Orange Day audition event on April 24 in Breda is very popular, as there has been significant online ticketing business. Cards sell for huge sums, sometimes in the thousands of euros.

Fieldlab Test event open to ten thousand people. On Thursday, it turned out that more than a million people had registered at 538 for a ticket. It is evident from the bids that people who couldn’t get a ticket did a lot to go to the party in Chasséveld.

€ 15,000 per ticket
For example, on Many tickets are auctioned there, and the proceeds go to the food bank. Prices fluctuate there: sometimes up to € 15,000 is offered for coveted tickets. The normal ticket is 37 euros. Holiday auctions from Talpa, which also includes 538.

Soon tickets were shown on Marktplaats. Hundreds of euros are being offered there. There are also many people who have made a mistake with the radio station toss and are still searching for a ticket.

The question remains as to whether trading cards is reasonable and safe. According to 538, tickets must be allocated within 24 hours and are non-transferable according to the radio station. A spokesperson said, “Personalization of tickets can only be done with the main reservation that has been withdrawn.”

538 warns people against deception. But on social media, many people point out that personalization is fake. “Personality, a bit rude. Someone writes, that is, it is nice to put someone else’s name.

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