huh? Queen Elizabeth regularly used the secret door in Buckingham

We expected the ordinary royal residence to have a rich history and many secrets. But that Queen Liz regularly uses an important hidden door in the much-seen Buckingham Palace room? We didn’t stop to think about it.

white drawing room

It’s all too easy to get lost in the endless splendor of Buckingham Palace’s rooms. But one room that is fairly well known is the White Drawing Room. From this room, Queen Elizabeth has given her famous Christmas addresses for years, regularly receiving distinguished guests. We now know the Queen has said goodbye to Buckingham for the time being, but that doesn’t stop us from taking another look at the stately building.

This white gold space is also used as a gathering space: for formal occasions, members of the royal family make sure they gather here before stepping into the lights. So imagine how many links are straightened here and how many strands are here last minute It is combed tightly!

hidden door

But this famous space also holds a big secret, Hidden in plain sight† Because although the space is of course accessible from the portico and through a “very plain” door, there is also another entrance. However, you will not discover this at first glance. The white drawing room has a hidden door that Liz uses specifically to move quickly and unnoticed through the mansion. In the photo below you can see the door…if you know where it is, anyway.

side entrance

OK, OK: before you focus on all the pomp and circumstance in this photo, we’ll explain it to you. The door is located behind the left mirror and cabinet. This could be opened by a staff member of the palace, after which Elizabeth could reach the white drawing room from her private rooms to receive her guests there.

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Hidden, but not yet: The Queen enters through the back door. (Photo: Pronopress)

And let’s be honest: the door isn’t that secret anymore. For example, in 2006 we saw Elizabeth use the door to receive a Crisis Response Committee. who do you know: Perhaps the Queen wanted to make sure that security experts knew exactly what happened to the emergency exits in Buckingham?

Source: Marie Claire, Good Morning Britain | Photo: BRONOPRES

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