Hulu Requests New Series “How I Met Your Father” | News article on how I met your father | a series

Hulu Originals How I Met Your Father starring Hilary Duff from 20th Television was immediately ordered in the series.

Books How I Met Your Mother Carter Bays and Craig Thomas will produce alongside Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger. Sequel to the beloved, Emmy-winning series How I Met Your Father, a new series directed by Isaac Apataker and Elizabeth Berger.

Hulu Originals How I Met Your Father comic series directed by Isaac Apataker and Elizabeth Berger (This Is Us) has been given a direct order to the series to broadcast exclusively on Hulu in the US. In the ten-episode comedy, Hilary Duff (Youngest, picture) Starring Sophie, and Duff will also act as producer. The sequel will be recorded with a multi-camera and a single camera, similar to its predecessor. Carter Bayes and Craig Thomas, Creating How I Met Your Mother, will do executive production with Abtaker and Berger. The 20th Television, which produced the original, will again operate as a studio.

“How I Met Your Mother is still one of the most innovative and beloved comedies on TV,” said Craig Irwich, president of Hulu Originals and ABC Entertainment. “Isaac and Elizabeth have an inspiring idea for this new edition that honors what Carter and Craig made from the original. Isaac and Elizabeth have proven to be wealthy storytellers and great partners for us in Hulu Originals and across the Walt Disney Company family. Along with the passion and infectious energy that Hillary brings to life. For every role you play, we can’t wait to present to the public how you met your father. “

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In How I Met Your Father, Sophie (Duff) tells her son in the near future the story of how she met his father: a story that takes us back to 2021 when Sophie and her group of close friends are busy discovering who wants out of life and how he falls in love in an era of unlimited dating apps and options.

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