Hundreds of parents are showing interest in the new Primary Schools Maple: ‘Billiard Room’

In the coming months, Strolenberg and Langhorst will work on designing the schools. Before that, they also sat down at a table with the residents of the Nieuwveense Landen district this week. The new school building should be multifunctional. “In the evening, of course, the classrooms are empty,” says Strollenberg. “We would like it to be used later, for example by the theater company of the district. This is also the wish of the district.” Other neighborhood wishes are a space for sports, billiards, a small library, or a room for the elderly.

“This is also a political choice,” Strollenberg explains. “There is, of course, a set amount for building the school building. But all the extra wishes of the neighborhood also cost money, and it cannot be deducted from the education budget. The municipality must be willing to pay that amount itself. I wish they would, because that’s how they really make this building a heart.” Region “.

Cooking has also become important, Langhurst explains: “We have a kitchen in every school, and we use a lot of cooking and baking in lessons. Then we learn to read with a box of cake mix. After all, what makes a bigger impact, a bad score on a reading comprehension test or a cake Falling apart and not tasty? But this kitchen can then be used by the neighborhood again in the evening. And I have a fantasy that beautiful botanical gardens can be created from the neighborhood that we can also benefit from. We can really play a role.”

The new schools are likely to open within three years, with 2025-2026 being the first academic year. It is still very far away, and this will cause problems for schools. Nieuwveense Landen is a Meppel expansion area and is being built rapidly. More and more families with children are settling there, but there is no school yet. “We’ve got a lot of enrollments in our other schools, like OBS Sprinkels in the Koedijkslanden district,” says Strollenberg.

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But those other schools will soon reach their limit. In fact, classes should be added there now. “But it’s a shame, given the upcoming new construction in Nieuwveense Landen. That’s why I hope the municipality will look at other buildings in Meppel. Maybe there will be something suitable to fill the three-year gap, and then get to work on the new construction.”

“Or can we put these emergency rooms in Nieuwveense Landen?” suggests his colleague Langhorst. “After all, sometimes it happens when a school has a fire. Then they also build an emergency school, which can be done in two weeks. Then we can actually develop our school there in the right place, and these classrooms can be used in the evening because there is nothing on The launch is in Nieuwveense Landen, not one nice space to organize anything.”

Both schools are expecting a large number of students, because Nieuwveense Landen is growing and Meppel is also preparing the neighboring Noordpoort for housing a bit. “We thought 600 kids at first, but that would be higher. I wouldn’t be surprised if the two schools together would have about 800 kids soon,” Langhurst says.

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