Huttendorp is allowed in Zierikzee again, but it won’t be done without enough help | Shawen Dovilland

ZIERIKZEE – “The municipality allows it, we have the space, but what we don’t have are the people.” There would be no cottage village in Zierikzee without volunteers.

A cry for help comes from Dina Levy of Hart Van Portambacht County Council, who organizes an annual Children’s Lawn Woodworking Festival in Hatfield Park. There hasn’t been a hut village for the past two years, and now that the weather permits, volunteers have to be called in again.


On average, about a hundred kids always participate, we need moderators for that

Dina Levy Organization Zirkzee Village Cottage

Levy says he needs at least 40 volunteers. “I haven’t found him yet. If I don’t find any volunteers, no hut village this year.” This event is held every year in the last week of the summer holidays. That will be from August 30 to September 1, this year, from Tuesday to Thursday. But on Monday I really need people to prepare everything. I need a think tank of six or seven people and because it takes three days, I need a lot of volunteers. Someone does not have to help every day, but for example a part of the day. “There is a need for people who will hand out drinks, who can do carpentry or other necessary things.” On average, about a hundred children always participate, and we need the moderators for that.”

kitchen garden

It’s not the only thing Levi asks of people. It is also the driving force behind the neighboring vegetable garden in Kabbelaarsbank. “We help families who don’t have much to spend on fruits and vegetables, but we also bring people together and attract people outside.” The garden was expanded with an ornamental garden and a lawn circle added. “I’m looking for people who want to work in the community garden for an hour or two a week.” Interested parties can contact Dina Levy, 0642777243.

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