I am proud of you, brother

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For Marco van Ginkel, Wednesday evening ended the 983 Days Without Professional Football. The 28-year-old midfielder fell for PSV against Arizona, after playing his last official match against Groningen on May 6, 2018. Since then, he has suffered severe knee injuries and suffered a severe setback several times and a severe injury even threatening To end his career prematurely. However, Van Ginkel overcame all those setbacks and his emotional comeback sparked a wave of reactions on social media.

By Thijs Verhaar

The midfielder came onto the field in the 87th minute in favor of Mohamed Ittarin who instantly gave him a heart afterwards via Instagram Stories. He wrote: “Congratulations Mara,” while many of his team-mates such as Denzel Dumfries, Timo Baumgartl, Cody Gakpo, Noni Maduicki and Pablo Rosario were lavishly strewn with thumbs and hearts. Pictures of PSV and actual employer Van Ginkel have generated tens of thousands of likes and reactions.

Many PSV fans described Van Ginkel’s comeback as “the highlight of a sad evening.” After all, PSV lost 1-3, dropping to fourth in the standings. So the team is forced to catch up, with Van Ginkel hoping to play the biggest role possible. The fighting midfielder is also particularly grateful for all the support and there appears to be no limit to the amount of support for Van Ginkel, who received a pleasant response from his former teammate Eloy Rom and from England from Reese James.

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“So proud of you, brother,” posted right-back Chelsea via Instagram Stories, for example. James rehabilitated with London for a long time with Van Ginkel, who had been under contract at Stamford Bridge since 2013. This makes him the third tallest player in the London team after Cesar Azpilicueta and Victor Moses, now on loan to Spartak Moscow. However, in his eight years with the club, the Dutchman played only four official matches with the club’s jersey The bluesDue to repeated injuries and a exit for Milan and Stoke City, and now for the fourth time against PSV Eindhoven.

In principle, his contract with the London team expires next summer, but club observer Nizar Kinsella is Goal Leave on request Football area Know that Chelsea still have a unilateral option to extend their contract for another year. The journalist refers to 2018, when Chelsea told PSV that Van Ginkel was lonely: “So it’s not for him that PSV or another team take over his transfer for free next summer, but they won’t ask for the main prize this time.” It was on sale for more than ten million euros.

Meanwhile, Van Ginkel is three years old again, his injury history is more complicated than then and FIFA regulations regarding hired players over the age of 23 play a role. “Chelsea can no longer hire all kinds of players, so players like Lucas Byazon, Izzy Brown, Charlie Brown and many others are saying goodbye permanently. Other clubs also know that they have no future at Stamford Bridge, so Chelsea are hardly making any money for these players,” Kinsella explains.

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The journalist notes that Chelsea’s famous “rental fee” has finally been cut, but according to him, Van Ginkel was not in the commodity category. Jose Mourinho believed in him a lot and he really saw it when he was bought from Vitesse for eight million euros. I thought he had what it took to succeed in the Premier League, but in addition to a lot of talent, you also need a lot of luck to succeed at Chelsea. Fortunately, Van Ginkel has had little of the latter since his arrival in London, ”said the club observer.

“His injuries are causing the crowd to dismay, but it is good to see that he can at least return to the field.” Kinsella describes as “wonderful” how Van Ginkel faced his demons in his difficult years of recovery and can now look forward again. “His attitude has made him very popular with the medical staff and Chelsea fans know how good he was before his injuries. I sincerely hope he can maintain the upside in PSV and become as important as the previous championship year.”

Van Ginkel led PSV to the national title three seasons ago and now hopes he can play a part in the fight for the championship again after his long qualification.

In the 2017/18 season, Van Ginkel wore the captain’s armband as a mercenary throughout the season and played with fourteen goals and four assists, playing a very important role in PSV’s national title. However, he was regularly playing injections and at the end of the season underwent a knee injury. In the end, it turned out that these operations were by no means sufficient and it took many interventions and about a thousand days to get back in shape again. “So you really are a big guy,” says Kinsella. “His love for sports is so inspiring and he’s rewarded with this.”

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For a camera we Shortly after the match, Van Ginkel announced his gratitude for all the support from his colleagues, friends and family. “My phone really exploded. I’ve been through a lot, I have had so many operations. Now that I’m finally done with my first minutes again, I feel proud. I’ve been training all the way for two or three weeks now and those few minutes against AZ taste like more I don’t know yet if I can play a full game, but I know I can do more than that. It’s great to be a soccer player in the end. ”

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