“I don’t think he’s sleeping tonight.”

Ricardo is known for his smiling nature off the track. The Australian once again showed his best team in Mexico. He did not hesitate to challenge Carlos Sainz more after their rivalry in Austin.

Ricardo challenges Sainz

At the United States Grand Prix, Ricciardo and Sainz matched well. The fight was a great reflection of the strength of the two teams, Ferrari and McLaren. After qualifying in Mexico, the McLaren driver immediately reignited the competition.

Ricciardo started in P7 right behind Sainz. in front of the camera Ziggo Sports Spaniard Challenge: “In Austin I was already by his side and then I grabbed him at first. So mentally… I don’t think he is sleeping tonight.”

The rivalry between McLaren and Ferrari

Ricardo’s “trash talk” can be eaten with a grain of salt, and Sainz knows that too. When the Ferrari driver later appeared in front of the camera, he seemed unmoved: “Look, I’m shivering all over.”

Sainz enjoys fraternal rivalry with McLaren: “Honestly, it is great to fight them. We always have a lot of fun and we are close to each other.”

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