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Very beautiful memory

“In 1994 I flew to Curaao for a week with my nephew’s mother. He had been on a world tour with his wife for a year and we wanted to catch them before they were confiscated from all sides in the Netherlands. ”


“On a Nile voyage in Egypt, we had to get up at 4am to see the Kings Valley, one last voyage before returning by boat at 3pm, to get refreshed, some food and our bags. We heard that the flight would be delayed during the cruise. We had time. After going that far, the plane changed on time and we had to return quickly to collect the luggage. Once on the flight, the plane was delayed … it didn’t arrive until the next evening. ”


“In Brazil, for the train journey from Rio de Janeiro to Belo Horizonte, I had to push my suitcase through the window of the box and climb out the window.”


“I got a call from the hotel chambermaid in Bali to be cremated! I was not allowed / denied. All the guests walk around the fire to pay their respects through song and dance. Combustion takes 4-5 hours. A special and moving experience. ”

Very beautiful bike ride

“We go on long bike rides regularly. At best last September, it was 60 kilometers from Gostrig to Schurrle / Grote. Through the hills, along the coast and through the good villages. On the way we drank our own coffee on a bench in the hills and on the way back we ate delicious mussels at a beach bar in Ekmond. There is nothing wrong with vacationing in your own country! ”

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Stairs or electric

“Two years ago, my 30-year-old bicycle was adequate. Then I chose an electric one. To fulfill this condition, I use light support, except when I have to cross a very steep viaduct.”


“I think it would be great to find New Zealand by bicycle, but save first. Until then, we have a great time in the Netherlands. We cycled in almost every province, always with great pleasure (sometimes saddle pain). ”

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