IATA Summit: United States of America – Business Tour

A spokesman confirmed the business trip that the IATA summit in the United States would definitely continue. Because of the strict travel restrictions on arrivals and departures from the United States, it will often become an American conglomerate.

Last year, the then-scheduled Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Amsterdam was canceled altogether after being postponed from June to November. There was only one virtual encounter. The same scenario threatened the AGM in Boston, but the IADA now says airlines are firm In person Coming together.

Who can come? The United States has been closed to foreign visitors for more than a year as part of its anti-epidemic policy. Only US citizens are allowed. Last summer, vaccinated Americans were allowed to return to the EU, but this relaxation will be reversed this month.

The IADA says it considers AGM representatives (CEOs and other aviation staff) in Boston to use the so-called NIE program: National interest waiver. On that basis, Washington can issue visas to non-citizens. But it remains to be seen whether this will happen in practice.

For journalists – the top of the IATA has attracted a lot of magazines in the past – it’s even more complicated. First, you have to apply for a media visa and it costs $ 160 (135 euros) to get started. Although success is not guaranteed, the applicant will not receive a refund in the event of a denial. IATA will then have to write a letter in support of the NIE application.

Eventually those admitted in the United States (representatives and the press) do not have to be isolated if they are fully vaccinated. However, all types of testing duties apply, whether vaccinated or not. But for the European delegates and the media, if they get approval for entry, the real problems will continue when they return. In the Netherlands (and other countries in the EU), everyone from the United States, including those who have been vaccinated, must be under house isolation for ten days, effective September 6. The chances of this provision being removed again within a month are slim.

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In practice, it seems, therefore, that very few people from Europe or other continents will travel to the United States for IATA’s AGM. Representatives of American airlines and local media can certainly travel to Boston, with no restrictions on domestic traffic.

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