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VideoFeyenoord is working on a new way to play in Schruns, but is also looking for new possibilities in other areas. For example, the club is trying to officially cooperate with the Brazilian Laranja Mecanica.

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By Mikos Juka

Diving into the glacier stream in Schruns, Austria, may symbolize the new look to be found in Feyenoord. Not only do Arne Slot and his coaching staff want to do things differently, the club’s management is also looking for new possibilities.

Feyenoord is about to enter into a partnership with the Larranea Mecanica football academy in the outskirts of the southern Brazilian city of Arapungas. The Rotterdam side have been looking for some time at the academy, which is owned by the son of former international player Wim Janssen, among other things. In the past, youth coaches Stanley Braard and Cor Adrianci have already visited the Arrabongas.

The Rotterdam team is watching Brazilian youth player Igor from that academy. The 16-year-old talent was already in Rotterdam to train with her and when he soon got an Italian passport, he would definitely come to Farkenord (if all goes according to plan). According to informed sources, Igor is a very talented player and the official collaboration with Laranja Mecanica will make his arrival a lot easier.

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It remains to be seen whether Igor will soon be away so that he can immediately appear in the photo in the Arne Slot. He will have time to get used to Holland and can gain experience in different youth teams. But coach Feyenoord has an interest in very young players, because at Schruns only 16-year-old Anthony Milambue gets a chance to prove himself.

Arne slot (inset: Feyenoord players take an ice bath at training camp).  © ANP (inset: Mikos Gouka)
Arne slot (inset: Feyenoord players take an ice bath at training camp). © ANP (inset: Mikos Gouka) © Misha Kemenck

In the warm Austria Slot he happily polishes his playing style. Intense training constantly relies on switching very quickly and pressing the opponent as soon as possible. On Saturday, the coach said after the training match against AEK Athens that he still hoped for the return of Stephen Bergwis, who would like to move to Ajax. It seems contrary to best judgment, the international would not normally return to Rotterdam. The club’s management in Feyenoord refers reports that there is an agreement with Ajax to the world of superstition. There is still the status quo. Ajax want to spend four million for captain Feyenoord and Rotterdamers want more money for the team’s top scorer.

At the moment, Slot has to deal with Luis Sinistera on the right or Brian Linsen, who was one of the top players against AEK. Head coach Frank Arnesen, also at Schruns, continues to search for offensive reinforcements. The fact that Dutch investors intend to create more financial opportunities to enhance selection is an open secret. But those plans have to be concrete and that will take some time for now, while it’s also unclear how much money is involved.

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In Austria, this week Feyenoord will train, behind closed doors, against FC Zurich. Until then, the team will be training hard and then cooling off in the mountain streams in and around Schruns.

Francesco Antonucci (left) in a match against AEK Athens.
Francesco Antonucci (left) in a match against AEK Athens. © Pro Shots / Wouter Dill

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