Ice club Voorschoten is looking for a new place to skate

Fred Hirsen of Ice Club Vorschten was a guest at Sport071. (Photo: Cor van der Velden).

Treasurer Fred Hirsen at Sport071 says the ice club in Voorschoten has plans to relocate. Voorschoten municipality has plans to build houses on the current site on Anthonie van Leeuwenhoekkade. In anticipation of this, the ice club chooses to search for a new home.

The ice club has several locations in mind, including a field in Hofweg near the Allemansgeest restaurant. Hermsen sees that there will be room for several associations at that location: “The athletics federation in Voorschoten is also looking for a new location, so perhaps an athletics track can also be built there, right next to the ice rink.” The Ice Club would also like to make space at the new location for the Ice Hockey and Doodle Arena.

According to Hersen, the current owner of the plot would be fine with an ice rink in the future. According to Hermson, the provincial council of Berbice Rural, opposite the square, is not immediately enthusiastic. The property in Voorschoten has a right of view and this can be infringed if an ice rink is installed. Soon the ice club will be in talks with Berbice.

At the same time as the relocation plans, the ice club is also considering new activities. Consider, for example, a skating rink. Global warming plays a major role in society, and this also applies to natural ice, Hirsen says. The cashier believes that extreme weather conditions will not only bring heat but also extreme cold which is supposed to provide a future for natural ice lovers.

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The club hopes to receive clarification from the municipality as soon as possible about the current location of the ice club.

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