If the US does not leave by August 31, the ‘effects’ will continue, the Taliban threaten

The Taliban threaten “consequences” if the US delays withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen calls August 31 a “red line”. “There is no need to extend the occupation,” Shaheen told the American newspaper Sky News. If the US or the UK ask for more time, the Taliban will not agree. “Otherwise we will take the consequences,” Shaheen warns, without coordinating the possible consequences.

President Joe Biden has announced August 31 as the deadline for US military security at Kabul airport. But last week he suggested that the military could stay longer if all Americans had not yet left Afghanistan. Allies also emphasize this. Additional Dutch and British soldiers are now heading to Kabul. On Tuesday, the G7 nations have the opportunity to discuss the August 31 deadline. However, the US president said he believed the extension was “not necessary”. The long stay of Americans is questionable for the Taliban. “It creates distrust in us and triggers a response.”

This article is part of our live blog: The Taliban threaten ‘consequences’ if US soldiers stay too long at Kabul airport

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