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17 May 2021, Region – Wooden gift houses left over from the 1953 flood disaster have been discovered in our island of Goyrie-Overflucky, Hoise Ward (South Holland) and in Zealand. “They are silent witnesses to the greatest international support. Almost 70 years ago, the 1953 flood disaster hit our country.” Appointed by the provinces of Zeeland and South Holland, Dorp has compiled a list of homes donated by the Stot n Land Foundation to provide a new home for homeless families. Read more below.

Gift Homes 1953 Flood

Building materials for a total of 860 homes came from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Austria and France. Even after 68 years, these iconic gift homes are still peaceful witnesses to this immense international support.

The motion, adopted by MP Bart Vermullen (SP), formed the basis for the joint inventory of gift homes in South Holland and Zealand.

For example, we now know that out of 248 houses donated in South Holland, 179 houses remain. Nearly half of them are clean and tidy. Gift homes have been designated as municipal monuments in 2 municipalities (Goeri-Overfluffy and Hokshe Ward).

Even all the existing gift houses Realism At Cultuurhistorische Atlas Suite-Holland (another website refers to map layer 3.a) and On the map Cultural History Zeeland (another web site refers to the flood disaster 1953).

With this inventory, the provinces want to contribute to the maintenance of these unique homes. Municipalities and owners can add inventory data to any protection of these characteristic homes as an iconic building, municipal monument or protected village face.

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A brief digital release of this inventory project has been made available to members of the Provincial Councils of both provinces. A comprehensive release will be released in the fall of 2021.

With the inventory of the remaining gift homes, the provinces hope that the next generation will know the story of the flood disaster and the story of international support.

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