“I’m seeing progress again, great as an athlete”

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Schippers on back injury rehabilitation: ‘I’m seeing progress again, that’s great as an athlete’

Don’t walk, lie down. Don’t run fast, but move as little as possible. Not an athlete who likes to hear that from the doctor, but Daphne Schippers had to. In early August, it appeared she had a new back injury. It’s back again. He broke in a paragraph this time and could forget the European Championship in Munich.

So Schippers didn’t run in Germany and thus was able to analyze the FIM Pool and Liqui Claver races during the European Championships which aired on Friday night. There, the two-time world 200m champion and multiple European champion told how the past few weeks had gone and how it is now.

“Things are going a little bit better,” Schippers said. “I’ve had a long time with a lot of lying down. I couldn’t do much. But now I can walk again and see progress again. It’s great as an athlete, to take small steps forward again.”


noon. This comes back over and over. In the summer of 2021, Schippers said she had had serious back problems for about two years. wear and tear on the intervertebral disc. The loss incurred by thirteen years of the best sports.

In May of this year, Schippers will announce a return to FBK Games. “Together with a new team of strength coaches and Wigert (her new coach, editor) she has worked incredibly hard and in detail towards my recovery in order to gradually become fit again. We have made great strides,” she told Time.

summer return

This was followed by a comeback at Li Fu a few weeks later, where she unexpectedly ran the 100m. “Nice surprise, isn’t it?” Schippers said cheerfully. More than a month later, positive news emerged again. With a time of 11.29, she became the Dutch champion in the 100m at the end of June. “I’m improving step by step,” she said after winning the Dutch title.

After these hopeful voices, there will be bad news at the beginning of August: after losing the World Cup (without a place), the Schippers will have to give up the European Championship. Another back injury. “I’ve known for a while that an athlete’s life isn’t always easy,” Schippers wrote on Instagram. “In Italy there was a new back injury, while I thought I had gotten rid of it.”


Surprisingly, Daphne Schippers wins the world title in the 200m in Beijing in 2015

New injury, new rehabilitation process. In the meantime, things are going somewhat in the right direction with Shippers. She was briefly in Munich, in the stadium. “For me it was great to be able to go there for a while. I still have the feeling that the stadium is full.”

Wasn’t that mentally difficult, because she’d rather walk there by herself? “The advantage is that I knew for a while that I couldn’t participate. That way I can still enjoy the sport. It was nice to be able to try it.”

The trip to Munich came just in time. Schippers are tired of staying at home. “I decided in advance to leave soon, because I couldn’t do anything about it. But I had to do something. Glad I could be a little bit active again.”

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