Ima van der Velden is number one again


Emma van der Velden, a member of the pony club De Pikeurtjes, became Dutch dressage champion in the CM1 class on Saturday in Ermelo. It was her fourth national title with the filly Toby. In Schijndel, a team from the Gemondse pony club won gold in the Brabant Pony Sports Association Championship on Sunday.

The National Dressage Championships finished Saturday in Ermelo. There have been three podium finishes for De Pikeurtjes. In addition to the gold medal from Ima van der Velden, Tess van den Hurk won the silver medal with the filly Lorenda in the DE-M1 class. The jury praised the animal’s beautiful movement. Julianne Deutz also won silver with Den Ostrik Sjors in the DE-M2 class. Because this section was the last of the day, Wilhelmus was played during the awards ceremony. special moment.


Two Gemond pony club teams successfully participated in the Brabant Association Equestrian Championships in Schijndel on Sunday. During the tournament, teams led four Tests. Two participants entered the arena to obtain a sample dressage, and two completed a show jumping course. The added results determine the score. In the CDE-L category, Jade Verhoeven, Ima van der Velden, Jenske Pennings, Jolien Duijts and Tess Gaakeer became the Brabant champions by a wide margin.

The team that competed in the AB-L category, Gil Smits, Noemi van Liebenstein, Getty Verhagen, Phoebe van der Velden and Litt Doijts, became reserve champions. Paulien van Esch trains these Amazons. They finished second on Sunday, driven by Ingrid Jacker.

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