‘Immigrant health insurance is part of being a good employer’

Forrest Bloompolon uses the services of LDO Orbitzcrts to arrange health insurance for foreign workers temporarily residing in the Netherlands. According to Forrest Bloom, this is part of being a good employer. That’s not only a decent thing to do, says Linda Decker.

Every year, tens of thousands of seasonal workers are employed in Dutch agriculture and horticulture. They often come from abroad. Foreign workers are obliged to take Dutch health insurance if they come to work in the Netherlands.

Certainly not one for foreign workers Medical insurance To close. They are often unaware of this duty. Employers support their seasonal workers when they take out Dutch health insurance to prevent employees from being fined and starting to work without insurance. More and more companies are using the services of LTO Arbeidskracht.

One of these companies is Forrest Bloompolon. ‘When growing and forcing bulbs, there are certain seasons of the year in which we need a lot of work. This includes harvesting and processing in June and July, and forcing bulbs in the hatchery during the winter months, ‘says Linda Decker. He oversees staff affairs at Forrest Bloomboln.

‘Unsatisfied employees pay less attendance’

Linda Decker, Forrest Bloombolan

‘We call seasonal workers at these work peaks. In our company we work a lot with Polish staff. ‘
This goes without saying for Decker to use the services of LDO Arbeitskrat when arranging health insurance for overseas seasonal workers.

Linda Decker of Forrest Bloombole. © John Ad

When I started working here about seven years ago, the payroll monitoring company gave me the good name of LDO Arbitzkrots. With a large number of customers in the agricultural sector, LDO Arbeitscratch was able to develop more knowledge, skills and experience. We want to use this in Post Bloompollen too, ‘says Decker.

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Short lines

Decker points out clear and quick communications via email, phone, website and newsletter. ‘The narrow line with the employer’s tax is a plus of LDO Arbitzcrotch. I wish there were some changes in the contact persons. ‘

Why does Forrest Bloombole care about employee health insurance? ‘We see it as part of being a good employer. Foreign seasonal workers are mostly Dutch and do not speak any English. That language barrier alone makes it very difficult to arrange health insurance for them, ‘says Decker. “If we can take it out of their hands, we help our employees, and we know they are insured in cases where they need health insurance.”
In his view, being a good employer is not only a decent thing to do. “You spread good employment practices to your employees, which creates glassy behavior from employees to the employer,” he says.

‘Satisfied employees are very lucrative for the employer. This will manifest itself, among other things, in high productivity, low attendance and seasonal workers who want to work again for you next season. We like people we already know. Good employment triggers word of mouth when hiring new seasonal workers. ‘

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Breast flower bulbs are named for the new tulips

Forrest Bloompollan in Optam, North Holland is a cultivation and compulsory company that mainly focuses on tulips and offers peonies and peony pieces. The company specializes in spreading and introducing new tulips. Tulips are grown in western Friesland, Flavland, Nordustbolder, New Zealand and Chile. About 160 hectares in total 700 different cultivations. This month Post Bloompollon introduced four new tulips: three fringe varieties and one parrot.

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Standard working mode

Decker explains that he has a consistent work ethic when hiring new seasonal workers. ‘We are investigating whether they have arranged health insurance. This is sometimes, but not usually. In most cases we help you get health insurance, ‘he explains.

‘For us as a customer of LDO ArbeetScrat, it takes little effort. It takes less than five minutes per employee to take out insurance through the LDO portal. Announcement of health invoices is not organized at any time and leads to proper handling. If you ask questions, you will always receive an answer within 24 hours from LDO Arbitrage. ‘

Tragic accident

Two years ago, a tragic accident underscored the importance of good health insurance. Four Polish employees of Forrest Bloompollon were killed when their car collided with water after work. Decker: ‘We immediately contacted LDO Orbitzcross. The repatriation of the slain employees was arranged in close collaboration with Hollandzor. LTO Arbeidskracht thus fired us; Work you don’t like in tragic situations like this. ‘

He concludes that it is an active attitude of the employer as a result of the employment of a labor migrant Medical insurance Then you can be sure that no unpleasant surprises will occur. ‘Arrange this well for both the employee and the employer. If you do it via LDO OrbitScratch it doesn’t have to take much time and as an employer you have an overview. ‘

Affordable joint health insurance

LTO Arbeidskracht helps entrepreneurs provide affordable joint health insurance to their migrant workers. Employees receive better basic health insurance and a number of additional conditions, such as repatriation in the event of death and emergency dental care. The employee pays a lower daily premium and there is no mandatory deduction.

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