In Australia, children have been reading Tashi before bed for decades

D.Fantastic stories by Tashi Fearless immersion in adventure fairy tales is the omnipotence of four stories about Tim and his friend Tashi. And in fact you have already attracted the cheerful and intelligent Tashi from one page.

Has been reading Tashi’s stories in Australia for 25 years. They were co-created by Anna Feinberg and her mother Barbara Feinberg. Actually just like they were written. Anne recalled that her mother was a wonderful storyteller, and over countless tea cups they brought the character of Tashi as a wonderful storyteller.

On Anna’s back

Kim Gamble gave Tashi the look of an elf in the charts. He thus did the magic in the character that Feinberg initially portrayed as a boy. The late Gamble learned himself in 2016. He has authored over 70 books and has become one of Australia’s most beloved illustrators. He often used watercolor or lime for Tashi. It starts with an attractive map on the front. Pencil drawings like Tashi’s invisible map are very cleverly attached. But the giants also seem to be almost leaving the pages.

Some elements in Tashi’s stories are reminiscent of other children’s books. Classics. Tashi enters Australia on the back of a swan. I remember Nils Holkerson’s idea of ​​a white duck. Tashi has magical shoes – who would not think of dortje in Oz?

What makes these stories so accessible to young readers is that they are told later – to Tim’s parents or to Tashi Tim. Everything ends well when we read them, and if we threaten that the story will become too exciting, the story will be interrupted for a while. When Tashi told Tim about her adventure with the giants, “Now I saw a room with stone tiles, there was a big cage in the middle and there was another monster in that cage.” Oooh! “Tim said.” Two ghosts! Don’t run right away? ” “No,” Tashi said. “I’m not. Look, it went like this: the giant noodles in the cage were eating. She was not found. She had four teeth that were yellow like sandstone, and the gaps between them were as big as caves.

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It is narrative, almost eventful and descriptive, but above all this cleverly chosen form ensures that young children who want to read adventures do not go to bed in fear.

Formula writing

The first book was published in 1995 (included as the first story) Fantastic stories by Tashi) And until 2009 a Tashi book was published every year in Australia. Sometimes even two. More than a million of these have already been sold. Daan Remmerts de Vries has provided a smooth translation that is easy to read.

The practice of writing over the years about the same character and its target group can sometimes be re-read in stories. The sentence “Look what happened like this” comes up in every story. So it tastes just like formula writing. Fortunately, Tashi’s formula has powerful adventures so fatigue does not occur. Dragons are killed, tigers guard gold, and ghosts come out of the bottle and imagine annoying relatives. Yet you experience all of this as sleep time stories.

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